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Mafia Wars
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Mafia Wars soft-launched as a contemporary crime themed mobile massive multiplayer online strategy video game. The game lets players build a criminal empire, partner with thousands to take down enemies, and punish those that get in the way. Players fight for control over real-world cities by joining a global network of criminals and using high-stakes combat and conspiracy to rule over millions of players. As a senior experience designer I created UI/UX design solutions for multiple gameplay features. I also contributed to the overall aspect of the game's UI and visual design. My work centered on taking complex gameplay concepts and realizing them in a fun yet informative manner for the player. Then building the designs in Unity. As the project went along the game evolved through play tests, player feedback, and team review. I met this challenge of an ever shifting game with judicious designs to match the new way of play and thinking. Zynga • 2017
Top level UI/UX play through.
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