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Music Unlimited was Sony's music streaming service. I was the lead designer creating everything from the application's architecture to every detail within the wireframes. My approach to the design was to expose users to new music by connecting new artists via music that they already liked. With 22+ million songs available I thought it'd be cool for a user to find the musicians that inspired or even followed after their favorite bands. For initial launch the design kept to the basics of featuring music and letting users create their own playlists and curate their own music collection. Working closely with the director of music at Sony I incorporated his feature set while following the style guidelines of the PlayStaion 4 development. Much time was also spent meeting with the engineers in Tokyo to hand over designs and discuss periods of development. After the product was mostly finished, jetted over to London for very successful user testing of the first release. Sony PlayStation • 2013
Full UI review of the first release of Music Unlimited.
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